Back to School – The Best School Lunch Box for Kids and Teens

Choosing a lunch box can be confusing, to say the least! There are many different varieties, styles, and sizes of lunch boxes to choose from, not to mention different materials. We all want to pick a non-toxic lunch box that won’t harm our children, whilst also ensuring it’s easy to clean. With so many different lunch boxes on the market to consider, I hope our guide below will help you pick the right one.

What to look for in a launch box

  • BPA-Free – The lunch box should be safe to store food inside
  • Stay Fresh – A box that will seal and keep an unwrapped item fresh
  • Easy to Clean – One lid for the lunch box, easy to clean and store when drying
  • Size – It’s not too big to fit into the kid’s school bag, and doesn’t take up most of the space
  • Sections – Separate spaces to place different foods
  • Perfect Portions – Sections that are big enough for the amount of food your child will eat
  • Reusable – Save the environment and your pocket by not using plastic cling wrap
  • Dishwasher safe – For those days you don’t have time to hand wash
  • Easy to store – not too bulky to store when not in use
  • Machine washable – lunch bags that can easily be washed in the washing machine

Choose a practical lunch box that fits what your child needs

  • Think about their skill level opening containers or packaging
  • Choose a lunch box or bag large enough to fit all their food in it. This helps a child to see their options for the whole day at school.

Recommended Launch Boxes for Kids

If you want your child’s school lunchbox to last all year, then it pays to get a good quality lunch box that can withstand the wear and tear of a school day. Remember you also want a lunch box, lunch bag, and water bottle that are easy for you to wash and pack each day. Here is a selection of some great lunch boxes that we recommend, All of these are available online!