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Cry Babies Fancy Baby Doll – Flamingo

1,399 EGP
Cry Babies are the most tearful babies! If you take away their pacifiers, they'll cry real tears and make whimpering sounds that gradually get more upset.

Cry Babies Lizzy Baby Doll – Peacock

1,099 EGP
Meet Cry Baby Lizzy! She loves concerts almost as much as she loves organizing them but if things don't turn out as expected her feathers get ruffled.

Cry Babies Jassy Fantasy Baby Doll – Pink Unicorn

1,099 EGP
Meet Cry Baby Jassy! She loves eating pretzels of every kind and tries different flavors everyday.

Cry Babies Tutti Frutti Ella The Strawberry Scented Doll

1,099 EGP
Cry Babies Tutti Frutti Ella The Strawberry Scented Doll - Cry Baby Tutti Frutti Ella, lives in Tutti Frutti Bay and wears strawberry pajamas.

Cry Babies Narvie Baby Doll – Narwhal

1,099 EGP
Meet Cry Baby Narvie! She's as special as can be as shes a Narwhal with a special horn that magically lights up when you touch it!

Cry Babies Daisy Baby Doll – Cat

1,099 EGP
Meet Cry Baby Daisy! She is a famous singer and everyone loves her concerts! The rest of the Cry Babies admire her!

Cry Babies Magic Tears – Winged House

499 EGP
Introducing the all NEW Cry Babies Magic Tears Winged House Series. In each glittery Winged House, discover a Cry Babies Magic Tears doll that comes with their own unique glittering design.

Cry Babies Goodnight Coney – Interactive Baby Doll

1,199 EGP
Cry Babies Goodnight Coney is the best friend for bedtime routine! Soft to the touch and perfect for cuddles!

Cry Babies Tina Doll

1,099 EGP
Meet Cry Baby Tina! Walmart EXCLUSIVE. She can predict the future with her unique psychic abilities and her house is full of magic.