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Pua and Hei Hei Swim Trunks for Kids – Moana

1,320 EGP
Hey, hey, they'll be catching waves all day in these Pua and Hei Hei swim trunks. Inspired by Disney's Moana.

Moana Swim Sandals for Kids

1,550 EGP
Fashion-conscious master wayfinders will love going on aquatic adventures with these Moana swim sandals.

Moana Swim Bag for Kids

1,700 EGP
Make a trip to the pool or beach feel like sailing off on an adventure with this Moana swim bag.

Moana Swimsuit for Girls

1,350 EGP
Your little beachcomber will love this Moana swimsuit featuring pretty screen art of their seafaring hero.

Moana Deluxe Swim Set

1,850 EGP
With love from the Heart of Te Fiti comes this pretty Moana deluxe swim set.

Moana Ocean Adventure Play Set

3,600 EGP
Who knows how far imagination will take them with this Moana doll play set featuring Pua, Hei Hei, Kakamora and an outrigger boat!

Moana Classic Doll – 10 1/2”

1,250 EGP
Relive the epic journey of Moana with this detailed Classic Doll.