My name is
- Fatemah Yahya.

It all began when I was a child I’ve always been a cartoon lover, and I would always love to collect toys of my favorite characters. But back then it was hard to find the imported toys of my beloved characters in the normal Toy shops in Egypt. It was later on when I became a teenager I started my own toy collection from my own savings.

It gave me the idea of wanting someday to have my own toy shop that would sell every single toy any kid would wish to have and being a Disney Princess fan since day one I always believed that dreams do come true, and that dream just started seeing the light as I launched my very own “Hers and Family” a toy shop that would make every little boy superhero dreams come true and for every little girl to live her princess dreams.

When I gave birth to my child “Layla” who inspires me everyday, she kept me up to date with all the latest toys and characters that everyone now days wished to have.

Now through my store I make all the kids and adults toy dreams come true, simply they dream it and I deliver it.

Always keep the kid inside you alive.